The British Columbia Blueberry Council was established to share the wonders of Mother Nature’s best natural candy, with aims of benefitting blueberry growers and buyers both. An umbrella organization, BC Blueberries represents over 800 highbush blueberry growers in BC, where over 28,000 acres of the richest, most fertile farmland produce nearly 68 million kilograms annually. B.C. Blueberry Council doesn’t just connect buyers with local distributors. They actively spread the word about the extensive health benefits of this delicious superfood—benefits which can be enjoyed with fresh berries through the July-October season, or in frozen form year-round. The ultimate blueberry advocates, B.C. Blueberry Council releases fresh and frozen kid-friendly recipes to make infusing your lifestyle with these “superfruits” as simple as it is beneficial. Beyond being packed with antioxidants (and of course great flavour), blueberries fight cancer-prone cell damage, cardiovascular disease, loss of brain function, and eyestrain. Check out for more than 100 delicious recipes and information on where to pick your own blueberries. Follow BC Blueberries on Facebook to continue learning more about these little blue powerhouses. Awards/accolades/testimonials British Columbia’s blueberries account for 98% of Canada’s highbush blueberry market. With more than $1 billion in sales in the past five years, British Columbia in now the biggest highbush blueberry-growing region in the world. Canada is the third top producing country. B.C. Blueberry Council celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015.