‘Tis the season for finding small ways to stay grounded. For many of us, that’s cooking. For me, it’s watching other people cook.

Victoria-based clothing-brand-plus-media-company Ecolygyst has released three videos in a new series they call Food Tastes Better Outside. Besides showcasing sustainable cooking (and of course, Ecolygyst apparel and camping gear), the short films are soothing at a level that rivals cake icing and soap cutting videos.

The first episode is “Mountain Top Braised Veg and Salad” starring chef Kellie Callender of Nanaimo’s Melange restaurant. It’s a treat for the eyes and the ears (though not the taastebuds, yet€”come on, technology!) with towering evergreen trees, mountaintop views, a crackling fire and sharp veggie slicing. The next two episodes follow forager and chef David Furlonger as he makes beach ramen (with fresh seaweed) and ceviche.

The films seem aspirational rather than instructional, but each recipe is in the video description if you want to try them out for yourselves. Guaranteed the cuisine is much tastier€”and more beautiful€”than the camping food we’re used to. Ecolygyst drops a new video every month or so. ‘Till their next video, I’ll be watching and rewatching Callendar cut bread.