Add these three ingredients to your arsenal

Anchovies. “I use so many anchovies at home. Comical amounts. They have the magical effect of giving simple, quickly cooked meals so much oomph. I love to overload them in most things, but if you’re unsure, just get a small jar and melt them into olive oil and garlic over low heat, then wilt in some greens and season with a dash of red wine vinegar. It’s the perfect side dish, or magnificent tossed with spaghetti. When I’m tired I’ll just eat them on buttered baguettes with a squeeze of lemon. Heaven.” —Claire Livia Lassam, owner, Livia Forno e Vino, Vancouver


Fish sauce. “You don’t need much to make a difference in a dish—it adds a depth of flavour to most things you make at home. You don’t want to use enough that someone can say, ‘Hey there is fish sauce in there,’ but you want them to feel like something is missing if it isn’t there.”Clark Deutscher, owner, Nowhere *a Restaurant and Hanks *a Restaurant, Victoria

Full fat everything. “You’ll end up using less to achieve body and fuller flavour in your dishes.”—Dawn Doucette, chef/owner, Douce Diner, North Vancouver