1. Serve the same veg in different ways.

“For example, smashed carrot with curry and turmeric, young yellow carrots cooked in the oven and toasted, then some chips dehydrated in the oven overnight, or even a pistou of carrot stems. Your friends will be amazed.”—Julien Salomoni,  pastry chef instructor, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Vancouver

2. Do the ol’ roast-and-toss.

“Roast it, then toss with a dash of red wine vinegar and olive oil. Add something crunchy (nuts, toasted garlic, fried shallots or seasoned and toasted chickpeas).”—Jason Kleinfeld,  executive chef, Cardero’s, Vancouver

3. Reach for the salt.

“Salt-bake your root vegetables to discover a new level of richness in flavour.”—Chanthy Yen, executive chef, Nightshade Restaurant, Vancouver

This story was originally published in the May/June 2023 print issue of Western Livingfind the digital issue here.