Also, super yay for getting ready-to-eat cookie dough in Vancouver, period.

Technically “yay!” and “gluten-free” don’t belong in the same sentence. When I finally admitted that I had a gluten sensitivity about a year ago (both of my parents are full-on allergic, BUT I WAS FINE, THANK YOU!), my foray into gluten-free substitutes was at most lukewarm. “It’s pretty good,” was good enough to take the edge off a carb craving. I accepted my diminished new world order.So I’ll admit that I was pretty jealous of our further east counterparts when ready-to-eat cookie-dough food trucks and storefronts started to open. As someone who could once legit eat the entire bowl of cookie dough, raw eggs and all, I felt like I was missing out two-fold—no trucks here AND no gluten-free options.Well, thank you, Angie Quaale of Langley’s Well Seasoned Gourmet Food store. In addition to launching four flavours of ready-to-eat cookie dough (Sugar Sugar, Cranberry Chocolate Chip, Classic Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup—made with her own peanut butter cups), there’s a GF version of the classic chocolate chip.And you heard it here: it’s all kinds of yay. None of that weird grit you sometimes get from gluten-free treats, all of the awesomeness that comes with a spoonful of from-the-bowl chocolate chip cookie dough. Each comes with two wooden spoons, which I suppose means you’re meant to share it BUT BACK OFF THIS IS MY COOKIE DOUGH.Gluten-Free Cookie dough, $7.99, available at Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store, and also ships Canada-wide.