In which our office goes bonkers over some baked goods.

“I think this might be the best scone I’ve ever had in my life….”A group of editors were huddled around a box from Beaucoup Bakery, which is located a few blocks away from us in Vancouver’s South Granville. I had decisively grabbed what appeared to be a scone, and its flaky top and firm bottom had me wondering if owner Jackie Kai Ellis had finally created a pastry to rival Dominique Ansel‘s famed cronut: half scone, half croissant with a perfect blend of tart rhubarb and sweet strawberry baked right in.We searched for a name — “scroissant” was the winner. I called to announce our discovery only to be told that the baked good in question was not a scone, nor a scone/croissant hybrid, but a double-baked croissant. As a consolation for not being able to name the next big thing:a. I got to eat the rest of the croissant;b. I snagged this recipe for Poached Rhubarb with Hibiscus and Vanilla Bean that they use to top their limited edition Olive Oil and Rhubarb Tart (available until June 20!).A serious silver lining.