From Australia’s Outback to your backyard€”Australian-born chef Todd Bright shares some of his homeland favourites.

Ask any Australian, it’s not shrimp that goes “on the barbie.”Setting the record straight, Australian chef Todd Bright (whom you can find locally at Vancouver’s Wild Rice), shared some of his nation’s go-to recipes at a recent Mallee Rock wine launch event:

1. Chiko Rolls

chiko rolls“Chiko Rolls are a staple of an Australian diet; nothing satisfies the palate after a long Sunday session quite like a Chiko Roll,” says Bright. They reminded us of an Asian spring roll with a rich, meaty twist. Bright says this recipe is his version of the Down Under classic.

2. Capilano Honey Drizzled Grilled Scallop Skewers

scallop skewers“Fresh seafood is a huge part of Australian life, and these scallop skewers on the barbie are no exception,” shares the chef. (Noted: it’s scallops on the barbie!)

3. Beef and Bacon Meat Pies

meat pies aussie“Every true Australian has a soft spot for a meat pie; whether it’s been cooked by mum or picked up after a Sunday session, it’s always a treat,” says Bright. “This is my easy, stress-free version of a classic.” (The meat pies were also a major crowd favourite at the event!)

4. Smoky Tomato Ketchup

oz smoky ketchup Give Heinz a run for their money with this homemade crowd-pleaser that goes well slathered on any of the above.