Time to get your fancy brunch on.

These are the breakfast recipes best served with mimosas (easy on the OJ) and cherished friends who will appreciate the extra effort—and lobster, and fresh white truffles…

1. Lobster Eggs Benedict

lobster eggs benedict (Photo: Clinton Hussey.)The world would be much better off if more things came smothered in lobster hollandaise. This dish was created by our resident recipe guru Julie Van Rosendaal too, so even though it looks like Top Chef material, it’s homemade brunch within reach. 

2. Blueberry Oat Scones

wild blueberry oat sconesSomething scrumptious to snack on idly while old friends are still busy catching up. These moist scones work beautifully with fresh or frozen berries and you can kick it up a notch with white or dark chocolate chunks, or leave them plain to serve with jam and clotted cream.

3. White Truffle Scrambled Eggs

white truffle scrambled eggs“Quite simply, this is as close to a food orgasm as you can get,” says Chef Marc Thuet. “Don’t believe me? Try for yourself.”

4. Sorrel & Ricotta Frittata

sorrel ricotta frittataThis ultra-chefy frittata recipe from Murray Bancroft gets its lemony flavour from sorrel, which is similar to spinach. Culinary professionals love it, but Bancroft warns to use it judiciously: sorrel is poisonous if ingested in very large quantities.