Chef Campbell Kearns of Covert Farms shares his favourite Harvest Dinner recipes.

For our June 2017 issue, we visited the fourth-generation family at the Covert Farms Family Estate in Oliver, B.C. to take a peek at their idyllic 650-acre property—and to get a taste of the bounty that is grown, made and fermented on their Okanagan property. Their Harvest Dinner is a field-to-table and vineyard-to-glass feast prepared by Chef Campbell Kearns, who was kind enough to share his fave summer recipes with WL—grilled Mexican corn, sour cherry chutney and an out-of-this-world roasted squash and kale caesar salad. Take a peek at the festivities below and then try to recreate the moment at home.

1. Elotes (Grilled Mexican Corn)

“This is my absolute favourite way to eat corn: when it’s fresh off the stalks in late summer,” says Kearns.

2. Ginger Chili Sour-Cherry Chutney

This sweet and spicy chutney is a welcome addition to any charcuterie platter.

3. Arctic Char and Red Curry Coconut Sauce

“I like to treat good fish very simply for a dish like this: no fancy ingredients, just good technique,” says Kearns. “All it needs is good seasoning, a hard sear and a quick transfer into a hot oven.”

4. Roasted Squash and Kale Caesar

Thanks to Chef Kearns’ creativity, you’ll never look at a traditional caesar salad the same way again.

Video: Covert Farms’ Harvest Dinner

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