Pot pies, stews and a creamy Irish whiskey-cake dessert€”celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick with one of these four Irish-inspired recipes.

 1. Steak and Guinness Pot Pie

IrishHeaher-04-webYou know it’s a winning recipe when it’s lived on the menu for 19 years. Sean Heather’s steak pot pie (with an added Irish twist of Guinness) is a crowd-favourite at the Irish Heather, that’s been in rotation since the Vancouver gastropub first opened.

2. Drunken Irish Whiskey Cake with Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse

Chocolate-Passion-Fruit-Mousse-with-Irish-Whiskey-Photo-credit-Savoury-ChefA decadent way to celebrate the Irish heritage, try this Drunken Irish Whiskey Cake with Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse from Savoury Chef Foods. Works with your own sponge cake or cheeky store-bought. Find more of the Savoury Chef’s celtic dishes at the upcoming Keltic Landing event in Vancouver (Friday, March 18). This new, two-day celebration is from the same party experts that brought Vancouver Harvest Haus—so prepare to have lots of “craic.”

3. Irish Soda Bread (and Whiskey-Cured Steelhead)

soda-bread-irish-You can make either Irish Soda Bread or Whiskey-Cured Steelhead, but these two recipes are especially delicious together and served with crème fraîche, pickled cabbage, grainy Dijon dressing and fresh dill.

4. Hearty Irish Stew

Innis-Gunn-Irish-stewThis hearty lamb stew is a delight any time of year, but pairs perfectly with those dark, thick-n-frothy brews you’ll be swigging on St. Patrick’s Day.