Who says you can’t start your day with chocolate?

In honour of Canada’s National Chocolate Day on October 28, we turned to some of Vancouver’s favourite foodies for their go-to chocolate concoctions.

1. Milk Chocolate Pumpkin and Fall Spice Truffles

Photo: Sean Neild Photo: Sean NeildLong before he was named one of Canada’s Cacao Barry Elite Ambassadors, Christophe Bonzon was in the kitchen hand rolling these truffles with his mom to give as Christmas gifts.To get the best results out of any chocolate recipe, Bonzon recommends starting with the highest quality you can get your hands on. “Cocoa butter and cocoa mass are key ingredients to a top quality chocolate,” he says. He also suggests you remember these two critical steps when melting chocolate: ensure that water does not come in contact with it, and make sure never to place chocolate over direct heat. “A good tip is to use the microwave to melt chocolate. Just keep in mind you have to be very careful and use low power for 20-30 seconds max bursts. This will avoid having any issue with water coming into contact with it.”

2. Chocolate Banana Croquant


This delicate chocolate banana croquant from Miku’s Executive Pastry Chef Christopher Janik is well worth the intricate steps involved in its final creation. 

3. Foolproof Chocolate Orange Scones

Processed with Snapseed.Treat yourself to a sweet breakfast treat with these scones from Beaucoup Bakery‘s Jackie Kai Ellis. “This is a recipe I used to make all the time before I went to pastry school. It’s a foolproof recipe I adapted from Martha Stewart and can be frozen and baked fresh on the morning of serving.”

4. Fondant Bar with Praline Glaze and Burnt Orange Compote

sizedhawksworth-restaurant_dark-chocolate-fondant-bar-mandarin-orange-sorbettoasted-hazelnut_topThe burnt orange compote on this delectable work of art from Pastry Chef Wayne Kozinko of Hawksworth and Bel Cafe, pairs perfectly with the smooth, rich flavour of the chocolate hazelnut fondant.

5. Chocolate Ricotta Fritters


Giardino’s Pastry Chef Maria Lauricella shared her recipe for these crisp and creamy ricotta fritters. We love them served with a healthy dollop of vanilla crème anglaise.