It’s 5pm, you’ve just gotten home from the longest day of work and you’re ready to let your couch swallow you whole…then you remember that dinner isn’t going to make itself. These recipes from Western Canadian chefs might be the inspiration you’re looking for.

cheesy chipotle quinoa bri beaudoin
Anguel Dimov

1. Cheesy Chipotle Quinoa Bake

Yearning for a home-cooked meal that doesn’t involve hours of prep? This bake from Evergreen Kitchen‘s Bri Beaudoin is loaded with quinoa and beans and smothered in your favourite cheddar cheese. Even the picky eaters in your life will want seconds.

Tracey Kusiewicz

2. Ribollita

Warm, hearty and packed with flavour. This Ribollita from Julie Van Rosendaal includes all the veggies your mom keeps telling you to eat—it’s a weeknight soup that makes for ideal lunch leftovers. The pièce de résistance: crispy bread for dipping.

Tracey Kusiewicz

3. Spicy Peanut Dan Dan Noodles

Julie Van Rosendaal does it again. Why not elevate your mid-week dinner with these Spicy Peanut Dan Dan Noodles? They’re simple and tasty, and every bite is the perfect mix of crunchy, spicy goodness.

David R. Gluns

4. Braised Garlicky Short Ribs

A one-pot-wonder meal is the dream for busy folks. These short ribs from Shelley Adams of Whitewater Cooks are a delightful amalgamation of veggies, garlic and spices that hit the spot every time. Calls for two cups of wine, but that doesn’t include the glass you’ll pour yourself during prep.

5. Perogies

Add these perogies to your list of comfort meals for a cozy night in. This family recipe from chef Jonathan Chovanacek has same potato filling we know and love but with a spicy chorizo twist. Top them off with basil, red onion, and fresh tomatoes sautéed in brown butter (is your mouth watering? same) and a dollop of your favourite sour cream.

Gabriel Cabrera

6. Fried Chicken

One more winner, winner from Julie Van Rosendaal. You might be thinking homemade fried chicken on a weeknight is crazy, but hear me out. This recipe only involves three steps for full-flavoured and crispy chicken: marinating, breading and frying. And it’s totally worth it.