From virtuous to downright indulgent, these snack recipes should satiate your snack needs. For now.

1. Kale Chips with Smoked Paprika


Chips? That are healthy? Okay, we’re sold.

 2. Ayden’s Curried Nuts


Former Top Chef Canada champ Dale McKay opened Saskatoon’s best restaurant—and these bar nuts are your ticket to bringing the restaurant home.

3. Julie Cove’s Green Bean Fries


The addictive, guilt-free snack of 2016, from the Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better cookbook.

4. Dirty Chips, a.k.a. Next-Level Nachos


A terrific game-day snack or a winning appetizer for your next party that’s straight off the Shark Club Vancouver’s new menu.

5. Green Chili


This spicy and flavourful mixture from Campagnolo‘s Rob Belcham becomes the ideal finger food when piled into warm flour tortillas.

6. Arancini with Tomato Sauce


This easy finger food complements a summer wine tasting.

7. Frico with Basil


Crunchy, savoury and cheesy—these homemade crackers are everything a snack should be.