Treat your mom to one of these winning recipes and you'll make this year's Mother's Day the best one yet. 

Mothers around the world have been waiting for this day all year. It’s finally their time to be pampered and spoiled by their loved ones. But with the pressure so high, how does one create the perfect day for their loving mother?

The answer is simple – by making delicious homemade meals and drinks that will leave your mom feeling full, happy, and maybe a little buzzed. You’re in luck because we’ve gathered some easy homemade recipes that will make your Mother’s Day memorable and appetizing.

1) Strawberry Cream Mimosa

Photo: Swanky Recipes

Start the day off right with a refreshing strawberry flavored mimosa that will leave your mom asking for a refill or three. Jessica Knot provides the secret behind a sweet treat that perfectly compliments any brunch.

2) Citrus peach cooler

Photo: BBC Good Food

This simple recipe is perfect for those wanting to make a fruity non-alcoholic drink. One could always add a little peach schnapps if your mom is craving a boozier Mother’s day. 

3) Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Toast Bowls

Photo: Food Network

Prepare to have your mind blown by this Food Network dish. This recipe will class up the traditional bacon, toast, and eggs breakfast. These light savory snacks are perfect for brunch.

4) Quiche Leekraine

Photo: Jaime Oliver

When in doubttrust well renowned chef Jaime Oliver. Jaime’s baked treat goes perfectly witha salad. It looks exquisite but it’s quite simple to make, requiring just bacon,cheese, eggs, milk, pastry case, and did I mention…BACON!

4) Fluffy Cathead Biscuits with Honey Butter

Photo: Chelsea Kyle

This fluffy flavourful honey butter biscuit is perfect for thosemoms with a sweet tooth. The reviews are in and this hand-rolled biscuit is afilling, mouth-watering delight.

6) Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Photo: RecipeGirl

This recipe is making all of yourdreams come true by combining cinnamon rolls and pancakes into one epic meal.If you’re feeling festive and your mom likes bananas or strawberries, one couldalways add it to the recipe.

7) Banofee Traybake

Photo: bbcgoodfood

Youcan’t go wrong with this banana, toffee, and chocolate recipe. This dessertdish may appear intimidating at first but it requires very few ingredients andit takes just twenty minutes to prepare.