This recipe from Tamara Green and Sarah Grossman’s soon-to-be-released The Living Kitchen was crafted to aid the body during cancer treatment and recovery.

As those who have been touched by cancer know, resources can be scarce (and confusing) when it comes to how best to treat the body while fighting the disease—particularly at home. To aid those battling the condition, and in time for World Cancer Day (February 4), Canadian nutritionists and cancer-care experts Tamara Green and Sarah Grossman have crafted The Living Kitchen (available at bookstores and online from January 22), a cookbook chockfull of tasty, wholesome recipes, each designed to feed and sustain the body during cancer treatment and recovery.Employing nutrient-packed ingredients such as miso and dulse, the duo—founders of Living Kitchen, a Toronto-based meal-delivery and private-chef service that caters to clients in need of cancer support and prevention—serve up recipes that are as healthful as they are easy to make, like this toasted sesame arame, carrot and kale sauté, which spotlights the savoury seaweed known for its mineral-rich and cancer-cell-growth-slowing properties. Of course, it’s an ideal vegetarian side dish, too, no matter your dietary preferences.

Get the recipe for Tamara Green and Sarah Grossman’s Toasted Sesame Arame and Carrot Kale Sauté here.