Our 3 favourite ice cream recipes for the dog days of summer.

Yes, you can grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and sit on the porch on a muggy summer night, but where’s the romance in that? (OK, one pint, two spoons has some classic rom-com sentiment, but you see where we’re going here.)Homemade ice cream is where it’s at in the summer, and we’ve gathered our three favourites from our Recipe Finder: from cooling Fresh Mint Chip Gelato, to an earthy Buckwheat Honey Ice Cream, to the gold star, Dulce de Leche Buttermilk ice cream (by none other than poet laureate Susan Musgrave).It’s easier than you think—and while these recipes are pretty much perfect as-is, here’s a trick for keeping them tasting fresh-made for days: add a shot of vodka or bourbon. Just a touch of alcohol reduces the freezing point of the sweet cream so you’ll have scoopable, summery ice cream long after it’s made.