Here are some places to get a bite to eat after a long day at White Rock’s notorious beach.

Image by Laura Virginillo

1. A Bit Of Everything

Modern General has a very different style to the regular local Starbucks. While it specializes in coffee and bakery, it also has many other departments up for grabs. It has grocery to get ingredients such as dairy products, vegetables (with lots of organic options) and many different types sauces and oils to add flavour to your meals.  It has apothecary items such as hand soaps and a create-your-own-bathsalts area, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath with all your favourite scents. It also has a florist area, so your able to create or grab a bouquet of their different types of stunning flowers. Modern General may be a little outside of White Rock, but it is definitely worth the trip when you can enjoy a cup of 49th parallel coffee and in-store baked goods like their delicious pecan tarts or grab a panini for when your on the go-The store definitely has something for everyone. Image by Islands cafe

2. Surf’s up

Islands Cafe is a Hawaiian themed cafe in White Rock for all those surfers dudes and dudettes who don’t want to travel that far for a “surf culture” environment. One of the main staples of the cafe is the freshly medium roasted Hawaiian coffee with hints of caramel and fruit that makes the perfectly tasty signature drinks like their Haupia macchiato or the palm tree latte. Another staple are their famous bowls such as their acai bowls or the Kahuku poke bowl. Islands cafe is the perfect place to get a nuticious meal and a tasty coffee after a long day surfing at the beach- E Komo Mai  Image by Donna Vercoe

3. Sit Down Meal

The Wooden spoon is located in the heart of uptown White Rock. You can sit down and have brunch with the family before heading to the beach or have a dinner with friends on a night out in the town. Either way, the Wooden Spoon is the perfect location for spending time with the ones you love. Everything is also made fresh and all the ingredients are locally sourced-with having french toast and fry-ups for brunch and burgers and salads for dinner, it makes the perfect place to go and sit down to eat at any time during the day.  Image by Jessica Luch

4. Beach-side Terrace

Charlie don’t surf (Charlie’s) is right down on the beach in White Rock. With it’s terrace facing the ocean, it’s a great place to watch the sunset while having a pub-grub dinner and a pint of one of their many craft beers. The interior has lots of little bits and pieces hanging up that makes it stand out from every other restaurant. They have items on the menu such as Vladimir poutine and firecracker prawns served with local and organic vegetables. All the seafood is fess and wild, and there is also many gluten free options to chose from. Image by Moby Dick

5. The Fish N’ Chips Classic

What’s talking about places to eat in White Rock without talking about the most famous fish and chips restaurant that is right on the beach. Moby Dick has been a local family operated dine-in or take-out in White Rock since 1975 and with the giant whale hung up, the nets on the ceiling and the wood panelled walls, it creates the perfect atmosphere to feel like you truly are out at sea. If you want to eat right on the beach, there is always the take-out option that comes in a box so it is easy to carry onto the sand or the picnic benches that are dispersed along the beach. There are even options such as chicken strips, burgers and corn dogs, for if you are not a lover of seafood.