Barshoku and Nupo
635 Confluence Way, Calgary

Who: Foodie of the Year and acclaimed Shokunin chef Darren MacLean.

Why we're excited: The Alt Hotel has already made waves as a foodie destination (hello, Chix Eggshop), and the highly anticipated opening of the upscale Barshoku just enhances the fervour. Expect a celebration of seafood and veggies (no meat here) in the main dining room, and an intimate one-on-one tasting menu experience at the eight-seat Nupo bar that's attached.

Wind Cries Mary
45 Bastion Square, Victoria

Who: Former Flying Pig manager Jesse Dame runs the room; Kyla Bidgood designed it.

Why we're excited: we're just waiting for a rare sunny day to cozy up in the hidden courtyard patio€”but the nose-to-tail share plates of hand-cranked sausage, housemade caraway bread and smoked ling cod fritters are just as tasty when passed around inside.

Comery Block Barbecue
638 17 Ave., SW, Calgary

Who: The meat maniacs behind Hayden Block Smoke and Whiskey.

Why we're excited: The two hickory smokers at this West Tennessee-inspired barbecue and bourbon joint are working overtime, smoking meats for 10 to 14 hours every day. Load up on brisket, Nashville hot chicken and pulled pork: It's like Stampede came early this year.

Oh Sweet Day Bake Shop
1706 East 1st Ave., Vancouver

Who: Fanny Lam, baking blogger turned farmers€™ market darling turned online bakery operator turned cookbook author.

Why we're excited  Lam now has a brick-and-mortar outlet for her picture-perfect desserts. Ganache drip cakes make for the ideal birthday treat; shortbread tartlets are a delicious, just-because indulgence.

256 Westminster Ave. West, Penticton

Who: These food heroes are teaming up to make the pizza version of the Avengers: Christopher Royal (Nook) and Frank and Dom Morra (Via Tevere).

Why we're excited: With a supergroup like this behind the scenes, you know the Neapolitan-style pies on offer€”made with a gas-fired Marra Forni oven€”are going to be a game-changer for the Okanagan.