Noodlebox has revealed three new limited edition recipes€”and one of them was created by WL contributor Julie Van Rosendaal.

If you’ve ever made a dish from our Recipe Finder, there’s a good chance it’s from contributing editor Julie Van Rosendaal—she’s had a hand in crafting homemade ice cream (we’ll take two scoops or burnt sugar and espresso, please), comforting cast iron pan meals and hearty lunches. But now, thanks to Noodlebox you can taste her culinary creations without having to do any of the work.As part of Noodlebox’s new guest series, Van Rosendaal has created a limited-edition bulgogi beef bibimbap, available at all locations in B.C. and Alberta for only one week this month (August 8 to 14). And to get the scoop on the recipe, we went straight to the source: “I’m a big fan of Asian-style street food,” says Van Rosendaal, of her sweet-and-spicy rice bowl. “When they asked me to create a hot sauce, being a bit of a wimp when it comes to spice, I made a pureed mango sauce that’s sweet, tart and spicy to still give it a bit of a kick!”The Noodlebox series continues throughout August and features two additional recipes, including Dreena Burton’s vegan Thai kaju curry (vegetables in a coconut and cashew sauce) and the Food Gay’s Soto Ayam (an Indonesian chicken noodle soup). Is anyone else sad that these won’t be permanently on the menu?

Noodlebox Influencer Series

Julie Van Rosendaal‘s Bulgogi Beef Bimimbap (Aug 8 to 14)Dreena Burton‘s Thai Kaju Curry (Aug 14 to 21)The Food Gays‘ Soto Ayam (Aug 22 to 28)