Kicking off the summer season with a few splashes of French Rosé.

I’m one of those wine geeks who is constantly saying that rosé is not just for summer…and then promptly double my pink intake in June, July and August. But it is true that well made rosé—nice acidity, low residual sugar—is a versatile wine that goes with a myriad of food and tastes great on a patio. The Okanagan has made great strides in the past few years but there are still some deep pockets of the day glo pink variety, made with whatever red grapes were leftover at harvest. Provence on the other hand—they’ve been doing pink for so long that it’s tough to find a misstep. And unlike the difference in price between a local Cabernet and one from Bordeaux, French rosé is only marginally more expensive than our local product.But don’t take my word for it—the Provence gang is coming to Vancouver this Saturday and they’ll be letting you try their wares for free. Just stop by the BCLC at 39th and Cambie on June 6 from 2-6 and sample (again, it’s free) eight wines that will soon be gracing our their shelves. For more info click here.