Tinhorn Creek’s Gewurz clocks in well below $20 but delivers the complexity of a 90-pointer.

Tinhorn Creek Gewurztraminer $16I’m going to say something that I’m happy to be proved wrong on. You will not find a made-in-B.C. wine (not that “Cellared in B.C.” scam) cheaper than this that’s anywhere near its class. Frankly, there are maybe only one or two other B.C. gewurztraminers at any price that are as good as this wine.Once you factor in land costs (crazy in B.C.), labour costs (ditto), material costs (tanks, presses) and the fact that it’s not like gewurz is magically way cheaper to grow than, say, pinot gris—I don’t know how they make this wine for this price. And it’s great at every vintage—a fresh blast of ginger and lychee with maybe some crisp peach. It’s one of the very best wines we have to stand up to spice: think gazpacho with a dash of scotch bonnet pepper or jerk chicken. And don’t tell me you don’t like sweet wines until you taste a wine that has both sweetness and acid, like this baby does. It’s called balance and it’s a really good thing, and it never shows up for $16.