The Australian wine launches in B.C. with an Aussie-style outdoor rooftop party.

It’s not every day you’re invited to ‘give it a burl.’Hailing from Down Under, Mallee Rock Wines celebrated its B.C. launch with a rooftop garden party, or ‘session’ as it’s called in Australia, where it was all about enjoying good food, good wine and good company.mallee_rock_foodSpeaking of good food, the party’s Australian chef Todd Bright cooked up some of his homeland favourites, including Beef and Bacon Meat Pies (tastiness not to be understated), Capilano Honey Drizzled Scallop Skewers and Chiko Rolls.wine_malleeMallee Rock’s two delegate wines, an easy-sipping Pinot Grigio 2014 and a light Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, were a big hit at the party and are now in liquor stores throughout Western Canada.mallee_rock_cahootsThe top-floor patio party was also replete with fun garden DIYs from Cahoots Creative Happenings to show guests just how easy it is to stage their own stylish Australian-style summer session.

In Photos: Mallee Rock Wines Summer Session in Vancouver: