This wine, a burger and a pretzel bun? That’s some seriously good times.

It took me a little while to learn how to say Nk’Mip properly (it’s inka -a -meep) and I’m still not sure how to say Qwam Qwmt. I do however know how to say “Northern Rhone Valley” and that’s the most important benchpost you need to know before buying this great Syrah. It’s spicy and peppery like a Rhone wine, and not sweet or boozy like a mass-produced Australian bottle might be. It’s also awesomely from 2010, so it still has enough freshness but any volitilaty has settled down nicely and it’s no more expensive than most wineires 2012. Oh yeah: it goes great with this lamb burger recipe created by winery Chef Liam McNulty.24286_ 008