This weekend’s Garagiste North tasting lets you see what the really small producers are doing.

We often talk about how the Okanagan is still a small wine region, but there’s small and then there’s small. The Garagiste North festival this Saturday deals in the micro-producers who’s wines you almost never see. To be honest apart from a few names—the amazing sparkling producer Bella, the Vancouver Island stalwart Alderlea, the quiet amazing Syncromesh from OK Falls—I know very little of the producers. I have no idea what to expect from the producers and that has me super excited. Some of them are possibly going to be dreck (there are 25 wineries so it’s just the law of averages), but hidden inside there may just be the next cult wine of BC and I can’t wait to discover it. Saturday June 27 2-4, Wise Hall, Vancouver. Ticket information here.