The Prisoner Wine is a bold, luxury wine that was founded on the philosophy that fearless thinking always leads to bold ideas. Through an exclusive art series and limited-edition collectors wine box, The Prisoner Wine Co. celebrates its mission to shatter the boundaries of the luxury wine world alongside a celebration of art and creativity.

Justin Broadbent, multimedia artist | The Prisoner Wine Co.

Who else to embrace this ethos than accomplished multi-disciplinary artist Justin Broadbent. Hailing from Toronto, Broadbent’s bold portfolio of murals turn heads in the Facebook, Amazon and Osler offices and in The Gladstone Hotel. His client list boasts Absolut Vodka, Microsoft, KEDD and Skittles—all of whom commissioned one-day experiential art exhibits that transformed their brands into unforgettable visual artistry.

Art series by Justin Broadbent celebrating Canadian artists who defy convention | The Prisoner Wine Co

For The Prisoner Wine series, Broadbent’s exclusive body of artwork celebrates the brand’s ethos by spotlighting five exceptional Canadian artists who forsake the rules in the name of progress. From visual artists and creative directors to musicians, the art series features Madeline Gross, Aaron Paris, Adeyemi Adegbesan, Tabban Soleimani and Vancouver’s very own Sandeep Johal—a visual artist whose work ranges from drawing to large-scale murals highlighting women’s stories of resistance and resilience. She has worked on several local commissions, including works at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver Mural Festival, the Vancouver Canucks and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Vancouver’s Sandeep Johal, artist, featured in the art series. | The Prisoner Wine Co

“I wanted to tell a story about each artist in a way that celebrates their own personal journeys and highlights the ways they have had to challenge the status quo and defy convention,” Broadbent says.

Photo | The Prisoner Wine Co

He designed and flawlessly integrated a collection of symbols and tags representing The Prisoner’s brand ethos as a thematic link between each piece in the series.

The Prisoner Wine Co art series | The Prisoner Wine Co

Defying his own boundaries, Broadbent said, “The concept alone pushed me out of my comfort zone. Creating artworks that celebrate other artists was something I’ve never done before, but I loved the concept and delivered nine huge, bold pieces. I played a ton with layers, first by painting a large mural on the wall behind the art, then adding the artwork itself, before physically holding a third layer—a photograph of the represented artist—to the canvas using a bungee cord. I’ve never done canvases this way, but it’s something I’m going to keep working on.”

Photo | The Prisoner Wine Co

Care to see for yourself? Broadbent also created a limited-time-only wine box design for The Prisoner that will be sold in British Columbia throughout the month of December.

The wine box design features a compilation of abstracted symbols, including stars (stardust), finish lines, clouds, fireworks and wine drops designed to resemble a night sky of hand-drawn constellations to exude a sense of chaos that feels relaxing.

“I wanted to transform a simple wine container into a canvas of boundless creativity and transcend the boundaries of what wine packaging can be,” Broadbent says. “The captivating colours and shapes represent the limitless possibilities when art and wine converge.”

This limited-edition collector’s item kicks off the artistic partnership between Broadbent and The Prisoner Wine Co., designed to uplift artists and celebrate those who defy convention.

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