When it’s this hot outside, I like to pretend I’m in the South of France.

Heat wave, thy name is Provence. Or at least I try to tell myself that. It’s hard not to sound poncey when reflecting on a couple of weeks spent by the pool in the south of France last summer, but there it is, I said it. And since then, I’ve been putting in some heavy research on the rosés available locally, so that I might capture just a titch of that heat- and wine-soaked magic summer that was.And I’ve found it. It’s in a chilled glass of Lavendette, a rosé from the Alpes de Haute Provence that literally tastes like lavender fields and hot summer days, with a whiff of fresh berries and a barely pink hue. Perhaps my current location isn’t nearly as glamorous—in front of a fan in my West End Vancouver apartment—but one sip of this baby and I’m back with the cicadas and a great poolside read (this year: Goodbye, Vitamin).Lavendette, $24, available in Private Liquor Stores and online at New District.