For this ensuite in Cadboro Bay, B.C., designers Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds of Falken Reynolds Interiors had one clear direction from the client: when she was standing in the shower, she wanted to be able to see the ocean view. And so the space planning started from there: the shower is on one wall with a view to a corner window, and a sculptural soaker tub—the Spoon M from Agape—allows for bathers to glimpse the shoreline, too.

The client wanted a low-maintenance room, so the design team went with plaster throughout the space—even on the millwork. Applied by hand, it’s a warm and inviting surface that has an organic depth to it, and it’s totally water resistant. Best of all? There are no grout lines to scrub. Photo: Ema Peter

Skylights were oriented toward the walls rather than the centre of the room, and the mirror above the custom sink soars all the way up and into one of those skylights. The result is a room that’s flooded with natural light—and when paired with warm, organic plaster and cool green marble, it’s a welcoming retreat that appears much larger than its 160 square feet.

The Verdi Alpi marble for the custom sink and the ledge behind the tub was inspired by a photo Falkenberg captured on a ferry. “The sea spray that comes off the back of the ferry was this beautiful green and white,” he says. “And the client said, ‘Let’s have this bathroom be the one area where we bring colour into construction.’ We went back to that photo, and started searching for a marble that was that perfect colour.” Photo: Ema Peter

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