To help transition from Vancouver’s hustle to the serene countryside of Nova Scotia,  a family of four enlisted the help of Andrea Ewanchyna of Vancouver’s Andreajae Studio to revamp their heritage home—including this primary ensuite, customized as an essential haven for parents of two young children.

Central to that retreat is the clawfoot tub, strategically placed to capture panoramic views of the sprawling acreage through three large bay windows. But the concealed toilet room became an unsung hero, maintaining the room’s spa-like charm. “It’s a very European concept, which the clients adored,” says Ewanchyna. Hidden behind a pocket door opposite the vanity, the toilet stays out of sight, allowing the tub and breathtaking views outside to shine.

The room’s colour scheme brought in natural deep, earthy hues like terracotta and emerald, alongside a bit of opulence in gold accents on the tub’s lion feet and the perforated pendant light. “It radiates warmth and adds a unique texture,” notes Ewanchyna.

The design triumphs in optimizing natural light through a well-planned layout. “Aligning the vanity with the windows not only maximizes lighting but also bridges the indoors with the outdoors,” says the designer. The centrally placed bathtub and steam shower enhance natural light, melding the space with the scenic outdoors. “It’s about balancing indoor comfort with the beauty of nature, making every moment feel like a retreat,” she adds.

Nova Scotia heritage home revamp
Curves Ahead
The terracotta archway, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Mexican Tile, serves a dual purpose as storage for linens and bathing essentials and as a charming display to showcase family heirlooms. “There’s a real family heritage piece… that adds an eclectic feel,” says Ewanchyna. Photo by Mattew McMullen
Nova Scotia Heritage home revamp
Green Scene
The emerald-green tiles in the steam shower (Oceani by Olympia Tile) envelop the space, offering an intimate enclave with a Moroccan touch. “It’s meant to feel warm and cozy with that handmade Moroccan feel,” says Ewanchyna. To enhance the spa-like ambiance, the shower is strategically positioned to capture expansive views through the bay windows. “The goal was to maximize their view from the windows—so we made it as large as we could and we angled the glass,” the designer says.