This master bathroom and connecting walk-in closet embrace nature, art and high fashion.

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For a client who loves art, fashion and the natural beauty of Canada’s Vancouver Island, a master bedroom and connecting walk-in closet in need of a remodel was the ideal space to embrace these passions. With a focus on clean lines, easy flow and out-of-the ordinary materials, this renovated space is now ready for the runway.

At a Glance

Who lives here: A mother and daughter who are also business partnersLocation: Vancouver Island, British ColumbiaDesign: KM Interior Designs

Windows featuring incredible ocean views paired with a deep soaking tub is a marriage made in heaven, but selecting the proper scale and shape for the tub was still important. The original bathroom included a built-in tub that felt too large for the space, making the room seem somewhat claustrophobic. “The freestanding tub we selected creates an open feel. It’s definitely one of the stars of the room, but it doesn’t dominate the space,” says interior designer Kelly Moir.Moir says that her client didn’t want any of the materials to feel “standard” in the bathroom. The vanity drawers and framing around the mirror are constructed from quilted maple, a somewhat rare type of wood that required the purchase of an entire log to get a consistent pattern. With so much of this intricately patterned wood on hand, it was used throughout the walk-in closet.Another feature of the room is the commissioned Gordon Scott artwork that uses blue back-painted glass to cover a wall niche between the vanity and the windows. “The blue picks up the hues of the ocean and adds a pop of colour to the space,” Moir says.Keeping everything off the floor was one of the client’s main requests for the space. An integrated wall unit that includes a garbage can, toilet paper holder and two storage nooks keeps everything neatly tucked away. The toilet floats above the ground, allowing for easy cleaning and a sense of openness.Moir says that her client is a bit of a fashionista, so creating a large space for her to display her collection of shoes and purses was important. A built-in bench between the two shelving units provides a space to sit down while putting on shoes. “The walk-in closet turned out to be a jewel box of a space that flows into the master bath without missing a beat,” the designer says.

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