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As bathroom and kitchen fixture trends move towards bolder shapes, styles and finishes, consumers are hungry for the style and versatility of matte black

Consumers want beautiful rooms and installers want easier lives€”Kalia, a Canadian bathroom and kitchen fixture manufacturer, is making both a reality.

Yvan Savoie, business development manager for Kalia, says the company works to stay connected with the market trends in order to inspire its developments. €œWe visit different design shows during the year and always work to identify the next trends,€ he says. €œWe also work closely with our customers to meet their needs and wishes.€

Credit: Kalia

Just take a single look at the Basico Bathroom Faucet or SquareOne TD2 Thermostatic Shower System and it is clear why matte black fixtures are making waves. Part of their appeal is versatility€”matte black blends beautifully with the warmth and soft lines in natural materials like marble or granite, and it can also be a crisp complement to glossy or other matter materials.

€œMatte black brings warmth and charm to a room,€ Savoie says. €œIt also well in both traditional and modern designs moving away from the all-white minimalist looks to add more contrast.€

Credit: Kalia

The clean aesthetic and sleek lines of a minimalist look are retained but in a more contemporary expression. Kalia's Control Valve Trim with Integrated Diverter and Koncept Evo 60″ x 77″ Sliding Shower Door are two more examples of subtle details that serve to elevate any design, in any space.

€œKalia’s design center is driven by creativity and innovation,€ Savoie says. €œWe always work to create products that improve the look of a bathroom or a kitchen and offer enhanced functionality.€

 As a Canadian company, Kalia knows its market inside and out, and builds products that are as unique as the regions that demand them.


Credit: Kalia

€œEach segment of the Canadian market has its own needs and taste,€ Savoie says. €œWe consistently design products that will meet as many regional needs as possible and that meet building code requirements in every region.€

Splashes Bath & Kitchen is Kalia's exclusive partner in B.C. Drop in to one of their 24 showrooms to see Kalia's matte black fixtures in person.

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