HGTV host Sabrina Smelko shares a peek into her master bedroom makeover. 

When you live in a setting as spectacular as Squamish, it’s hard to resist taking some inspiration from the great outdoors for your indoor space, too. Sabrina Smelko, host of HGTV’s $ave My Reno, moved to the area just last fall, and her first step in making her new house a home was naturally to infuse her bedroom with some West Coast cool. “It’s a room that represents the next chapter for me,” says Smelko, who relocated here from across the country. “It’s the first space I completed upon moving here, and it’s the place I rest before I get up and get on with life. It’s my second favourite space in the home…other than the kitchen.” Here’s how she got the look.

Bedding from Parachute Home; all other decor and furniture is from Wayfair.

What was the goal with this project?

My MO is always about working with what you have. This means everything from using furniture and decor you already own, to taking advantage of standout qualities in a space, to being resourceful and clever with the money and time you have. And only then filling in the blanks and seeing what works. In the case of my master bedroom, this meant honouring the view of Mt. Murchison and letting nature inspire the space—from the use of quiet blues, sand tones and natural materials, to including wildlife patterns and mirrors to reflect the light.

How would you describe the design theme of this space?

Airy, relaxing, grounding. The design was truly birthed from the feelings it gave me when I first saw the space—and that breathtaking view when you first walk in. I wasn’t about to compete with the mountain and treetop views.

I chose to forgo using a lot of colour to allow the window to frame the only needed “art” in the room. Other than the bold and blue animal-motif headboard, everything is neutral, natural and textural. The putty-toned linens resemble the sand on the beach, the blue-grey pillows speak to the mist on the mountains, seagrass and cowhide find their way inside, and mirrored nightstands reflect it all.

What were the biggest challenges in this project?

Not spending money, but still making it look impressive and inviting. I had just moved across the country and wasn’t in a position to drain my bank to make a new home work….so it became about filling in the blanks. I had a mattress, the mirror and the chair already, and scoured shops online to find the remaining items. I saved on the side tables, lighting and pillows, but splurged on the headboard and bedding. The key to making any space look like a million bucks is to include a few key statement pieces that you do splurge on. They’ll elevate the more basic, cheaper items.

What do you love most about this room?

The whole bed situation! I have to admit that while the view is pretty, nothing beats a comfortable mattress, luxury bedding and a soft headboard that puts a smile on my face when I see it.