Take some design inspiration from this chic Vancouver salon with a vintage-Hollywood vibe.

At a mere 500 square feet, the Glamoury’s layout might seem to be a rigid, restrictive box. But by giving each area at this Vancouver salon its own look, Ste. Marie’s Kate Snyder and Jessica MacDonald managed to maximize the small square footage: the waiting lounge glimmers with red and gold, while the shampoo stations rest amid a variety of purple undertones. It’s a space that celebrates old Hollywood romance and lavish art deco design in equal measure.

“In Vancouver, you don’t see a lot of that type of look here; it’s more common in Los Angeles or other cities,” notes Snyder. Red carpets and brass tones hearken back to the days of classic cinematic glamour, while the mix of bronze and mirrored surfaces (along with an emphasis on swooping, arcing shapes) brings the deco vibe. “We started playing with shapes and textures and colours,” says MacDonald. “We just wanted to express what our own version of glamour could be.”