Is a passion for design nature or nurture? It's impossible to say, but the number of design families in our midst seems to suggest DNA may play a role. Perusing the archives, we've been reminded of the handful of design dynasties our region has bred: acclaimed architects who raised a second generation of acclaimed architects. From parent to child to the lucky inhabitants or users of their buildings€”It's a legacy that lives on and on and on.

Credit: Derek Lepper

The breezeway in the Russell Hollingsworth- designed Sturdy Residence in West Vancouver.

Credit: Selwyn Pullan

From left to right: Fred Hollingsworth in the Trethewey Residence, Russell and Fred, and Fred Hollingsworth's Rudden House.

The Hollingsworth Family

Parent: Fred Hollingsworth passed away in 2015, but he left behind an impeccable legacy. His post-war work shaped the look of the North Shore€”including the impeccable 1946 home in Edgemont Village where his son, Russell, grew up.

Scion: Russell Hollingsworth is principal of Hollings-worth Architecture today, transforming stone and concrete into striking mansions that represent €œWest Coast luxe€ to a T.

The Justice Institute.

Credit: Richard: Lucas Finlay; Gregory: Carlo Ricci

From left to right: Richard Henriquez, Woodwards, Gregory Henriquez

The Henriquez Family

Parent: Richard Henriquez, whose commercial work has defined B.C.'s Lower Mainland€”you€™ve got him to thank for the Sylvia Hotel Tower and the Justice Institute alike.

Scion: Gregory Henriquez takes his dad's community-minded architecture into the 21st century with a focus on inclusive, sustainable projects. The two work side-by-side as principals at Henriquez Partners Architects.

The Burgers€™ original home, designed and built in the 1970s (top) and a new home Cedric designed for his mother€”who did the interiors€”in 2020 (bottom) which pivoted around a kitchen garden.

Credit: Robert: Martin Tessler; Marieke, Cedric and Mary: Kyrani Kanavaros

Robert, Marieke, Cedric and Mary.

The Burgers Family

Parents: Marieke and Robert Burgers, who founded Robert Burgers Architects in €™81. She's the interior design master, bringing extensive influence from Dutch design into her refined work; her late husband Robert was an architect's architect, a master of difficult sites and seeing beyond trends.

Scion: Cedric Burgers€”with wife Mary Burgers, who acts as creative director for Burgers Architecture€”is a passive housing expert who has picked up where his father left off to continue creating stunning residential projects that epitomize West Coast Modernism (always with a sprinkle of Scandi flair).

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