Yes, yes, making furniture out of wood is nothing new. (€œHave you heard of chairs?€ you've probably screaming at us right now.) But hear us out: there'ssomething uniquely West Coast about the celebration of this material in all its raw, rugged glory€”and there'sno one who does it better than Brent Comber.

Credit: Carlo Ricci

His now-iconic Alder bench took wood that would have once been considered trash€”smaller alder trees€”and intricately pieced them together in a design reminiscent of the forest itself. Comber is an artist and designer, and also a scavenger, up-cycling wood sourced from the community. From the humble T-Cup side table to the sleek, organic Chelsea stool to the invitingly hefty fir Soma table, each work puts the wood itself€”alder, but also Douglas fir and Western red cedar€”front and centre.

Brent Comber's Alder cubes and bench; the Soma dining table; and the T-Cup stool.

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