Palette Archives offers customers pre-selected interior design samples organized around 35 different themes.

“Nothing like this exists in the industry right now,” says designer Amanda Hamilton, “and everyone deserves to have access to professional design advice”.  Palette Archives will, she says, serve those clients who dream of having a magazine-worthy personal space but whose budget is limited.

But what exactly is Palette Archives?

“It’s an e-commerce business that provides designer-curated finish and material palettes at an affordable price,” explains Hamilton. In other words, it’s an entry-level way to get expert interior design advice for your home reno. “It also takes away the need to be running around the city finding finished materials,” she adds, making your life easier throughout the whole interior design process.

How does it differ from working with a designer one on one?

“It is super different. Essentially, it provides clients with the tools to do the work on their own. You’re not getting that same personalized experience that you would get with the designer—however, it is the perfect solution for a small renovation.”

How does it work?

“You browse the Palette Archives website and pick one of the 35 themed boxes, for example: Art Deco, Jungle Fever, Japanese Zen, Palm Springs, Pop Art…”. Boxes cost $449 each and inside you’ll find everything you need for your new decor: paint, tile, wallpaper and carpet samples, cabinet and countertop options—and where you can source them. By activating your account on Palette Archives, you can keep track of your project. (You can also order the materials you choose through the website for additional savings.) Hamilton plans to add an option to include fixtures and fittings so, “if you are doing a bathroom renovation, you can choose to add on plumbing, lighting, hardware and bathroom accessories specifications. The idea is to complete that project and know that all these pieces will work together”.

Take a look at Hamilton’s favourite themes currently available on Palette Archives.

 Jungle Fever

“It’s just really fun and playful.”

Photo Credit: Palette Archives

Scandinavian Minimalism–Light

“I would do this one for my own house because it is black and white and hyper-contrasted. I have really bright artwork, rugs and accessories, and it’s a nice neutral pallet to sort of act as a backdrop for all of those.”

Photo Credit: Palette Archives