From kitchen renovations to whole home makeovers and new custom-built homes, pairing inspiration with resources is essential to achieving a successful project. Through its annual HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence and Home Design and Reno Show, Homebuilders Association Vancouver is exactly the place to find your inspiration and the professionals who can bring your home to life.

“Searching for a builder or designer can be daunting,” says Katerina Vastardis, Owner and Lead Designer of Designs by KS. “The HAVAN Awards are peer-reviewed and provide an added level of confirmation to the homeowner that they are choosing to work with professionals recommended by the industry.”

Working with Professionals

2023 HAVAN Awards Finalist: Natural Expression | Designer: Emphasis Design Studio Ltd | Builder: My House Design/Build Team Ltd | Photo: HAVAN

In a constantly changing world with evolving lifestyles and a fluctuating housing market, homeowners need options. They also need expertise to help them navigate those options. Working with a professional can help reduce costs, streamline the process, and navigate bylaws and permitting to make the most of generational trends in home ownership.

“People are inheriting family homes and looking to take advantage of City of Vancouver bylaws potentially allowing up to six units to be built on traditional single-family lot property,” says Ron Rapp, HAVAN CEO. “Builders and designers can help homeowners leverage their properties resulting in generational wealth.”

For growing families, space might seem tight, but a home’s revamp might just be the solution to falling in love with it all over again. This means avoiding the need to sell and leave a treasured neighbourhood, schools, and amenities.

“Energy efficiency and building with a smaller footprint is also important when looking to design homes built to last,” Rapp says. “Healthier air, better light, improved windows and doors systems and security also mean greater comfort and safety for the family. HAVAN members have the expertise in energy efficient building and design and use the latest technology to help protect homeowners’ investments.”

Why work with a designer and builder

2023 HAVAN Awards Finalist: Heart + Stone | Builder: Meridian Pacific Construction Inc. | Photo: Martin Knowles Photo/Media

It’s not always easy to identify one’s style as trends change year over year. This is where working with a designer pays off. “Designers can help identify your design style right for you,” Vastardis says. “They can also help with situations where, for instance, you have a couple and he prefers modern, while she leans towards country.

“Designers will work with the builder, required consultants and you to bring your vision to life, within budget, while hitting the functional targets of the project. Good designers will make a home work for you.”

Winners of the 2023 HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence will be announced Saturday, April 22. Learn more about the HAVAN Awards at

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