The kitchen is the busiest, most versatile room in the house. It’s where family gathers to share meals and make memories; it is the heart of the home. A custom kitchen renovation must capture the perfect blend of style and function—but does it need to be stressful?

Not according to Kitchen Canvas, a full-service kitchen renovation company based in Vancouver. Division manager Jacobus Visser says the company was created to solve all of the typical pain points clients experience in construction and deliver a high level of customer service for custom kitchens that won’t break the bank. “We handle every aspect of the project from design to install so homeowners don’t have to manage and coordinate these scopes,” he says.

Options for Every Budget

Kitchen Canvas also provides budgetary options, starting with three treatments for cabinets. Cabinet refinishing involves respraying existing cabinet doors with premium quality satin lacquer—the perfect option for clients wanting solid colour cabinets, with a tighter budget and a reduced environmental impact. They can even add custom cabinet additions or modifications to bring new functionality into the space.

Cabinet refacing is a second option that is also less time and budget intensive. Old cabinets receive new flat-panel doors and a veneer will be applied on the cabinet exteriors. Clients who prefer a wood veneer and an unchanged kitchen layout are the best fit for this treatment.

Brand new millwork, redesigned spaces and custom projects are the place for new custom cabinets.

“We can get the look and feel of a brand-new kitchen while saving tens of thousands of dollars,” Visser says. “To give you an idea, our refinished or refaced full kitchen remodels are usually $18,000-$28,000, while new custom kitchens can range anywhere from $40,000-$80,000+.”

Removing Pain Points

Kitchen Canvas’s complete project management system includes in-house design consultations, 3D design plans, a dedicated project management team, and even a professional cleaning once the work is done. As renovation specialists, Kitchen Canvas can offer higher efficiency and better value for every dollar spent.

“Kitchen and bath renovations are all we do, so we bring to the table focused material knowledge and experience, full design help, flexible space and cost saving solutions,” Visser says. “This all translates into a higher-quality experience and less down time for your kitchen.”

Certainty + Peace of Mind

Like any specialist, Kitchen Canvas knows exactly what projects cost and offers fixed price contracts, so everyone is on the same page from day one.

Kitchen Canvas guarantees their turnaround times, and is the only Vancouver kitchen remodeller to offer $2000 cash back on the cost if clients aren’t back in their functioning kitchen within a four-week work window.

Ready to build the kitchen of your dreams? Connect with Kitchen Canvas for a consultation on your perfect renovation—and peace of mind.

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