Join some of the city’s most innovative minds this Friday night for the 3rd annual ‘Why I Design’ event at the Museum of Vancouver.

The Museum of Vancouver’s ‘Why I Design 2016‘ is taking place this Friday night, and the lineup of talent is impressive. The event, now in its third year, is the perfect opportunity to mingle amongst dozens of established and emerging designers, to find out what drives them to create. Here are just a few of the Vancouver designers we’re looking forward to chatting with over a glass of wine.

Char Kennedy

The Pivot Broom from Char Kennedy.Working from a keen awareness of the ever-increasing need for form and function to work as one, industrial designer Char Kennedy was inspired to create the Pivot Broom after a trip to India sparked a desire to elevate the humble tool to an item worth displaying.

Hinterland Design

The Pillowy Bench from Hinterland Designs.We first fell for Hinterland Design in 2014 over their macrame Tidal Flux stool. This time, founder Riley McFerrin and his collective are showcasing their Pillowy Bench, a soft cornered solid white ash and wool upholstered bench inspired by logs found washed up on the beach .

Henderson Dry Goods

Laser etched magnets from Henderson Dry Goods. Industrial designer Alexandra Henderson has reclaimed the Vancouver Special as a thing of beauty with her meticulously detailed laser-etched cherry and baltic birch magnet sets.


cv-startset2Bamboo is a the fastest growing wooden grass on earth, but where do all those chopsticks go after our daily sushi/ramen/pho fix? Felix Böch’s project ChopValue —launched at this year’s IDS West— is working to change the answer to this question, turning our would-be garbage into sustainable, design forward home decor.

‘Why I Design’ at the Museum of VancouverNovember 4, 2016For more information and to buy tickets, visit