Interior Design Show reminds us all why the West Coast is the best coast through its design community.

Vancouver has become quite the stylish city, and its array of brilliant West Coast designers can definitely take lots of the much-deserved credit. Stores, condos, restaurants – the city is full of stunning interiors that leave us inspired, hoping one day to create our very own perfect space with a dream colour palette and one-of-a-kind pieces to make our friends jealous. For now, we have Interior Design Show (IDS) Vancouver to bring all our favourite creators to one place for us to admire.As the West Coast platform for all things design, IDS brings together individual designers, artists, makers and design-centric brands to showcase their work. It’s 14th year brings opportunity to view exhibits from companies like Dana Mooney Art and Snarkitecture, explore interactive spaces such as the Canadian by Nature feature, and hear from some of the most notable creators in the design world – including these five talented personalities.

1. Michael Ford

Architect for BrandNu Design, Michael Ford uses hip hop to create a diverse perspective on design by exploring its connections to music. His work acknowledges the cultural implications and psychological impact of architecture and urban planning on the people who live there through community engagement, pre-development strategies and capital campaign for new developments. Wednesday, February 21, 2018: The Hip Hop Architecture Design Cypher organized by Michael Ford at Autodesk’s Pier 9 in San Francisco had top hip hop lyricists join with the nations top young architects, designers and technology creators to explore the juxtaposition of architecture and hip hop! Photo By: Josh Berry.With features on The TODAY Show, NPR and Rolling Stone Magazine (to name drop a few), Ford is a must-see keynote speaker to change the way we think about design. Photo by: Laure Joliet for Sight Unseen (2017)

2. Leah Ring

Furniture and conceptual designer, Leah Ring, founded Another Human in 2017. As her first solo venture into the world of product design, her company has already achieved more in a year than she had anticipated–including a collaboration with Urban Outfitters, becoming a finalist in Lane Crawford’s Creative Callout and an honouree on the Sight Unseen American Design Hot List.Drawing inspiration from a combination of the Memphis group, construction sites and outer space–Ring’s work is the perfect choice for a collaboration with Vancouver-based designer Ben Barber. Don’t miss their talk about how their exploration of colour and character of shapes create works that are playful with a practical twist.

3. Jing Liu

Jing Liu is the co-founder (with Florian Idenburg) of SO-IL, an internationally recognized architecture and design firm in New York that emphasizes mission-driven cultural projects as an integral part of the urban fabric. By working across different countries (France and South Korea to the United States and Mexico), the firm creates structures that establish new cultures, institutions and relationships. Together, the SO-IL team speaks more than a dozen languages and believes that through deep collaboration, architects can strengthen their ties to each other and their environment. Breathe is a housing prototype for the future living environment. It takes a holistic approach to sustainability. By making living an active experience, the installation shines a spotlight on environmental awareness and encourages visitors to confront our tendency to take resources for granted.Don’t miss Jing Liu at the Liebherr Trade Day Keynote Breakfast, along with Johanna Hurme of Winnipeg’s 5468796 architecture and Susan Scott of Vancouver’s Scott and Scott Architects, where they will discuss what it means to be a woman leading an architecture firm among a career path dominated by men.

4. Aly Velji

As the principal and senior designer at Alykhan Velji Designs, Velji has made a big name for himself as the go to for his expertise in design, décor and lifestyle. With 11 years of experience specializing in both commercial and residential design, Velji has appeared on HGTV, CityTV and CTV, as well as a monthly column called “Aly’s Favourite Things” in The Calgary Herald. He incorporates different styles in his work–mixing current and classic trends to create original and timeless designs for all his clients. Interior design from his Windsor Park ResidenceYou won’t want to miss this top “Style Guy” as he talks about his recent trip to India and its influence on the limited-edition collection he created with Mobilia.

5. Riley McFerrin

As the founder and principal of Hinterland Design, Riley McFerrin is a visual artist, designer and builder. The creation of the Hinterland aesthetic was inspired by his background in art, modernist architecture, and the forests of British Columbia–which allow each piece to tell a story through its creation and the many hands that will use it throughout its lifetime. Over the course of five weeks with a small group of craftsmen camping in the wilderness, the Hinterland Crew completed this remote island retreat from the ground up. Scope included site work, assembly of pre-fab framing, all exterior and interior finishes, millwork, and cabinetry.For IDS, McFerrin is partnering with LA-based designer Bari Ziperstein to discuss the relationship between their work and the environment–from what material they use to their design process and techniques. West Coast Best Coast, amiright? 

Interior Design Show VancouverSept 20-23, 2018Vancouver Convention Centre West