The Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) reveals top designs in this year’s “crystallize” theme competition.

For their third annual lighting design competition, Lighting Architecture Movement Project’s (LAMP) co-founders Annika Hagen and Nicole Fox asked designers from all over the world to gather inspiration from one word: crystallize.Fox came up with the theme on a cold January morning when she noticed the shape of frost forming on her windshield. She was hesitant to suggest the idea since previous themes had been more static (2014’s was “fibre”), but she and Hagen quickly fell in love with it. “We wanted it to be a verb that pertained to movement,” says Hagen.The two have artistic backgrounds (Fox is a dancer, while Hagen comes from film), and the LAMP exhibit gives them the perfect opportunity to showcase the things they enjoy—lighting, architecture, design and performance—all in one place. “We’ve always gravitated towards things that have a more dynamic element to them, that are more engaging,” says Hagen.Submissions were collected in three categories—student, emerging and established—and judged based on aesthetic, function, creativity and sustainability. While students were only required to submit digital renderings of their designs (see the finalists here), both emerging and established designers were asked to submit fully realized products. “We wanted to create a bit of distinction for them,” says Fox. “Last year we only had one category that was open to everyone, so we felt we needed more to accommodate their skill levels.”Click image to see the top 10 designs from “crystallize” in the established category.

Designed by Julie Morringello.

Designed by Jin Choi. (Photo by Choi and Shine Architects.)

Designed by Alex Josephson.

Designed by Neal Aronowitz. (Photo by Michael Jones Studio.)

Designed by Lynn Read.

Designed by Matthew Conley. (Photo by HJC Design.)

Designed by Matthew Kennedy. (Photo by Darryl Bueckert.)

Designed by Amy Lin and James Chavel. (Photo by Suulin Architects.)

Designed by Anki Gneib. (Photo by Kristian Pohl.)

Designed by Brad Turner. (Photo by Brad Turner.)

Of the 90-plus submissions from more than 20 countries, LAMP judges (including British designer Tom Dixon, Nancy Bendtsen of Inform Interiors, and Vancouver’s Falken Reynolds), have selected only 10 finalists in each category. Both the emerging and established categories feature beautifully crafted chandeliers, geometric pendant lights and sculpted floor lamps inspired by radiating burrs, polyhedrons and “fool’s gold” among other crystalline forms. You can see all 20 designs at this year’s exhibit, taking place November 12 to 15 at Jan Kath Studio.Click image to see the top 10 designs from this year’s emerging category.

Designed by Daniel Treacy. (Photo by Daniel Treacy.)

Designed by Randall Zieber.

Designed by Renee Struthers.

Designed by Kris Jensen.

Designed by Matthew McCormick.

Designed by Annie Tung. (Photo by Annie Tung.)

Designed by Jiangmei Wu.

Designed by Anamarija Korolj.