Ready to begin the journey to your rightsizing plan? Design and build firm VictorEric’s “How to Downsize in Vancouver and be Cash Positive” webinar is the best place to start.

Learn where to begin when considering downsizing from your current home, how much each option costs and how long each option takes. VictorEric's €œHow to Downsize in Vancouver and be Cash Positive€ webinar will answer all your selection, budgeting and design questions, pointing you in the best direction for meeting your changing needs.

VictorEric has partnered with Nicholas Cox, mortgage consultant with 4Front Mortgages, to bring attendees a robust and fulfilling session focused on identifying the downsizing options of renovating or building a new duplex or laneway house. Participants will discuss with experts the pros and cons of each option and run through the financial numbers of each scenario. 

Ready to discover how it is possible to downsize in the same neighbourhood and be cash positive? In the webinar, VictorEric will cover the design-build construction content and Cox will cover the financial side, including how to convert a homeowner's current property into a duplex, keep half the duplex to live in, and sell the other half to fund the project, requiring no extra loan transactions.

VictorEric Design+Build's is an award-winning design and build firm, focusing on creating beautiful custom homes all over the Lower Mainland. Its truly integrated approach of design and build all under one roof demonstrates time and again that it has the capacity and capability to make your custom home dreams come true.

It's been almost three years since Justin Cheung moved into his custom home by VictorEric, and he is grateful for the work, effort and quality the company put into the project.

€œWe were really happy we went with VIctorEric for the design and build,€ he says. €œIt was a long journey, but it was finished ahead of time.€

Cheung felt the team was always friendly, professional, efficient, courteous, listened well and communicated well.

€œThe team was very attentive and organized,€ he says. €œI felt our home was done with attention, creativity, beauty and functionality. I appreciated all of that as I witnessed how building a home is complex and so many issues can come up unexpectedly.€

Over the years, while driving around the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, Stan Quan would notice beautiful homes with one thing in common: they all had the VictorEric signage on the front. So, when he decided to purchase his parents€™ Vancouver home, he knew who he wanted to engage on the renovation project.

€œI have no experience with design or renovations, so I wanted to ensure I work with a team I could trust,€ Quan says. €œCurrently, I am working with VictorEric on the design phase, and I like how they listen to my needs, preferences and budget. I love how they want to create a home customized for me, rather than a cookie-cutter design. I didn€™t think I would be excited about renovating my house, but so far the experience has been amazing, and I am really looking forward to the finished product.€

Cox has 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, including owning and managing a mortgage brokerage in Australia before moving to Canada in 2015. He understands that each client's mortgage needs are unique and believes strategy and consultation is critical to making the right borrowing decision.

€œI love helping people realize what they can achieve through property and helping them find creative solutions to financial challenges through real estate,€ he says. €œI take a holistic financial planning approach to mortgage planning and investment in real estate from a financing perspective.€

Working from a customer-centric perspective, Cox's approach is to under promise and over deliver in all interactions with clients.

€œMy clients are never wondering where they are up to in any part of their financing process,€ he says. €œI have extensive knowledge of and access to lending resources for any kind of residential property project from a financing perspective.€

If you are serious about custom design, renovation or building new in the Greater Vancouver Area and you have a passion for luxury design and quality building, learn more about VictorEric today. Individuals and families with an interest in downsizing their family homes to better suit their changing lifestyles now through to retirement can register for the €œHow to Downsize in Vancouver and be Cash Positive€ webinar below and take the first steps to rightsizing their homes.

Event: VictorEric Design+Build and Nick Cox, 4Front Mortgages, present How to Downsize in Vancouver and be Cash Positive
Format: 1-hour presentation with 30-minute question and answer
Date + Time: 2-3:30pm Sat Sep 25, 2021


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