Like the rest of the planet, annual design show IDS Vancouver won't be doing things the usual way in 2020. Instead of a trade floor, this year's show is a week of online and offline events in intimate spots around the city (and around the world€”expect seminars from London, San Francisco and more). We've selected a few of our favourites from the week, which runs October 1 to 8, 2020.

1. IDS 360˚

This is a virtual deep dive into some of our favourite designers and brands€”including ANDlight from past Designer of the Year Lukas Peet, and Edmonton's Birch and Grey (which was a part of our 2018 IDS feature €œAlberta REdeFINED€). Look for studio tours, new product launches, behind-the-scenes videos and more.

2. Omar Gandhi at Inform Interiors

The Halifax- and Toronto-based architect's work has gained an international following, for good reason€”his modernist structures build on traditional forms, manipulated to open up views and follow paths to the sun. They€™re also just downright beautiful. (Take a deep dive into his Rabbit Snare Gorge cabin in the Cape Breton Highlands for a little inspiration.) Gandhi will be speaking at Inform Interiors€”both live and live-streamed€”and, along with artist Nathalee Paolinelli, will transform the building's window in a collaborative installation inspired by the theme of one of Gandhi's courses at the Yale School of Architecture (titled €œWhere the Wild Things Are€).

3. Nature, the Master Creator

U.K.-based designer and maker Natasha Hussein zooms in from London to discuss how an understanding of natural systems€”how birds have colour without pigment, how trees communicate€”can translate into built-world systems for designing objects that feel alive and transform our quality of life.

4. Wonderment

You'll book a time slot for this one: designers Laura Melling of LM Studio (left) and Alyssa Lewis of Studio Block (right) will create an offsite installation €œexperience€ they€™re titling Wonderment. Exploring the connection between self and nature (with a regional design palette), the install will have two experiences: the garden and the forest.

5. WL's Designers of the Year Awards

we're holding our awards virtually this year, with our designers sharing highlights from their winning projects during the event. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with these designers€”join us October 8!

Visit for tickets and up-to-date times and locations.