This annual competition presents light design through an architectural lens.

Lighting is a necessity in the home, but practical accessories can also serve as objects to admire. While the Lighting Architecture Movement Project is still in its infancy—founders Annika Hagen and Nicole Fox started LAMP in 2013—the competition has shone a light on some of the most talented local designers and architects.This year’s cosmic-themed event (held in Vancouver on November 3) is now accepting submissions for all categories and has just announced their prizes and judges. The winner of the Student Category will receive $500 and an internship at ANDlight, the recipient of the Emerging Category will be awarded the $1,000 Light Resource Award, and the recipient of the Established Category will get the $2,000 Inform Interiors Grand Prize Award. The panel consists of eight esteemed judges, including Bensen founder Niels Bendtsen, Bover founder Joana Bover, and Inform Interiors Seattle owner Allison Mills.The event is meant to present light through an architectural lens, and the founders say this concept gives designers an opportunity to engage in unique, highly conceptual projects. Hagen and Fox are both interested in writing, film, dance and design, and looked to set their design show apart by allowing the audience and artists to engage in multi-disciplinary elements. Their Movement component brings forth choreographed moving visuals that take place during the gala event, allowing guests to be moved by the light.

Last Year’s LAMP Finalists

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.02.49 PM

1st Place, Established: Alex Josephson, Gweilo

Gweilo was hand-sculpted while the acrylic was still hot to allow for maximum creativity. This represents Alex Josephson and his team’s vision of lighting that stands on its own, rather than being reliant on any sort of fixture.Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.14.12 PM

1st Place, Emerging: Annie Tung, Eclipse

Annie Tung’s piece is a collaboration between her alma mater ECAL and Vacheron Constantin, where she learned traditional techniques working with Swiss craftsman Vincent Du Bois. The LED-sourced table lamp places marble in a contemporary and modern context. The form, under tension due to the metal rod, gives the illusion of bending marble.Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.26.18 PM

1st Place, Student: Christina Wilkinson and Danna Lei, Diverge

With its light emulating from within the concrete block, Diverge originally meant to introduce crystals in a new way, but evolved into a piece in which the concrete shell from which the crystals form represents the base-rock of the earth. This mobile lamb binds together movement, aesthetics, and functionality.

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