At our latest WL Design Talks, Toby Barratt, Brent Comber and Kate Duncan gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like to design custom furniture.

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and wondered how the heck someone came up with such a cool idea, or marvelled at how a big, round log was turned into a stunning dining room table? So have we—which is why we invited three local furniture designers to share their secrets at our most recent WL Design Talks, True Confessions of a Furniture Maker, hosted at Trail Appliances. Missed the January 29 event? Watch the videos below to find out what Toby Barratt, Kate Duncan and Brent Comber have to say about their unique materials palette and how they approach the custom-design process.

Confessions from Toby Barratt

Toby Barratt, principal of Propellor Designs, walked us through the custom-design process (from client brief to production)—and shared his thoughts on six unique lighting projects. Watch to find out how instructions like “it needs to be conical and it must be black on the outside,” were transformed into the incredible Years pendant light.

Confessions from Kate Duncan

Our 2017 Furniture Designer of the Year shared why she describes herself as a “designer-maker” and how clients can better engage with the people behind the jig saws. For Kate Duncan, it’s important that customers recognize each designers’ individual form of glitter to achieve top custom-design results.

Confessions from Brent Comber

For Brent Comber, every piece of furniture tells a story—and he shared all his best ones with the crew at Trail Appliances. You won’t believe how two ginormous spruce logs on Vancouver Island (we’re talking 7-foot diameters) were transported back to Vancouver and shaped into gorgeous solid-wood desks.

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