Keeping your home clean can sometimes feel like a big ask—it’s why a lot of people put things like “be more organized” on their list of New Year’s resolutions. The problem is, that’s a pretty vague goal to set. Do you want to keep things off the counter? Do you need to stop using your Peloton as a coat rack? Do you need to buy a new shelf for your growing collection of books?

The more specific you can be, the better (we all know what SMART goals are). That’s why we’ve rounded up these super-organized rooms from the WL archives. Take a look through to help figure out how you can clean up all your messes this year.

Stow Away

The owners of this 1,500-square-foot condo wanted to “maximize the view, and hide everything,” so designer Annaliesse Kelly gave them lots of cupboards. The walnut cabinetry that surrounds the TV and fireplace (which hides a collection of books and wiry AV equipment) is just one example of the home’s many built-in storage solutions. Step inside this clutter-free family home.

Top Drawer

The key to getting a good night’s sleep? Creating a soothing space, like this Aly Velji-designed bedroom. While the large windows can help the homeowners wake up with the sun and regulate their circadian rhythms, it’s the bed itself that we think is most beneficial. Custom-built with deep drawers, it keeps everything neat and tidy—without any distractions, sleep will come easy. Tour the rest of this modern Calgary home.

walk in closet bedroom
Photo: Ema Peter

Closet Space

This entire Victoria, B.C. home taps into the serenity and sophistication of Scandinavian and Japanese design—and the closet is no exception. We can’t see inside the drawers or cupboards pictured here, but we’re willing to bet they’re filled with space-maximizing dividers and organizers. Explore this 10,000-square foot dream home designed by Andrea Rodman and Scott Posno.

Work It

Contrary to popular belief, storage and style can co-exist in a home office—and this Kelly Deck-designed space proves it. It’s hard to decide what we love more: the wraparound cabinets, the glam chandelier and desktop accessories, the velvet armchair or the graphic wallpaper-lined ceiling. Find out how to get this look at home.

Photo: Ema Peter

Too Cool for Pool

It’s hard to believe this gorgeous bathroom operates as a change room and shower for a home’s outdoor pool—especially when you compare it to the change room at your local rec centre. Designer Sophia Burke brought in hard-wearing grey tiles for the floor, Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete for the bench and lots of hooks for hanging wet towels and bathing suits. Learn what else makes this space so playful and functional.

Function First

Every extra-wide drawer, shaker cabinet and open shelf in this Vancouver heritage home has a purpose—mainly storing dishes, appliances and pantry items. “I’m English, and I wanted a plain English kitchen,” says homeowner Sally Kaldor Douglas. “Nothing superfluous to the requirements of a beautifully functioning kitchen.” Check out the rest of this Juli Hodgson-designed kitchen.

Photo: Jon Adrian

Shelf Control

There’s an art to styling a bookshelf, and the owners of this Okanagan home have perfected it—with a little help from architect Randy Bens. The built-in unit that extends all the way up to the ceiling simultaneously accentuated the vaulted roof and gives the office a cozy vibe. “We wanted it to feel kind of like a den, to make you feel a little bit more tucked in,” says Bens. See more of this stunning Kelowna home.

Photo: Provoke Studios

Storage Wars

Designer Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors completely transformed this bathroom, and managed to give his client a bunch of extra space. He got rid of the home’s original double-vanity to free up some counter real estate—and then added a custom medicine cabinet behind the mirror for even more storage.  Get more design lessons from this gorgeous Vancouver condo.