This week’s disastrous floods have left many B.C. residents homeless, stranded or in desperate need of essential supplies, and farms and local businesses destroyed. If you are looking for ways to support those affected by the floods, we’ve put together a list of resources, including food banks, search and rescue teams and animal-focused charities that you can donate to.

Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund

What they€™re doing: This brand-new fund was just established to €œsupport front-line agencies providing essential services to affected families and businesses.€ It's a collaboration between the Abbotsford Community Foundation, Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and University of the Fraser Valley.
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Chilliwack Search and Rescue

What they€™re doing: Performing difficult and technical rescues within Chilliwack and the surrounding area (for example, they saved the residents of this flooded home on November 12). CSAR is a 100% volunteer-run organization.
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Mamas for Mamas

What they€™re doing: This local charity put out a call for monetary donations as well as essential supplies for caregivers, like diapers and formula, to benefit community members impacted by the floods.
How to donate: Drop-off locations listed here (second slide) or donate money at


What they€™re doing: Boarding for pets of evacuees in Kamloops and providing pet supplies and food for owners and pets who have been displaced by the floods.
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Abbotsford Food Bank

What they€™re doing: While the food bank itself was not impacted by the flood, the supply chain is. They€™re asking for donations of money and most needed items, including bottled water.
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What they€™re doing: there'sa verified page of fundraisers on the website now, including supporting people who are stranded, pet sanctuaries, farmers markets and family homes that have been destroyed.
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United Way BC

What they€™re doing: The United Way is providing funding for housing, food assistance, trauma and mental health support for people affected by the floods.
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Disaster Aid Canada

What they€™re doing: Online, Disaster Aid Canada says they are providing direct aid to meet the needs of the region and €œcollaborating with Rotary groups and other organizations to bring support to the people affected.€
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Langley Animal Protection Society

What they’re doing: Boarding for pets affected by the floods and seeking donations of clean blankets, towels, unopened dog and cat food, dog beds and other dog and cat care items.
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