A little slow on your New Year’s resolution to be organized for 2017? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Oh Marie Kondo, you’re so 2016. We’ve moved from the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to all things cozy and hygge. But there’s still that incredible feeling you get from The Great Closet Purge, regardless of where you sit on the spectrum between spare and cozy (call it a “choregasm”).Stylist Nicole Sjöstedt is a champ organizer—if you want to witness a home revolution, ask her over to rearrange your bookshelves—and she shared her top five things to get rid of each year.

1. Bathroom Linens

Every year I have a huge overhaul of all bathroom linens. The whites aren’t looking so bright anymore and the stitching is starting to give way—not a great look. From the master bathroom linens to the guest and kids towels—out with the old and in with the new! A few great places I find for towels are Simons and, for amazing Italian linen towels, Pisolino—my best bathroom accessory and the most luxurious item in my entire bathroom.

2. Throw Pillows

A small change can have a huge impact. After all the decorations from Christmas come down, I feel ready for change. I have throw pillows on my bed and sofa, and after a year of use, I like to add a few new covers to the mix to refreshen my space.  I also like to re-evaluate the inserts, as the ones that are regularly used tend to be deflated and dull. Great places for throw pillows are Espace D, West Elm, The Cross Decor and Design and Provide.

3. Bed Linen Sheet Sets

After a year the main pillows and fitted bed sheets are losing colour and aren’t looking at their best. Even ironed sheets tend to lose their crisp effect. If you’ve got two in rotation, you can most likely replace just one set at a time. The Bay and Bacci’s at Home are two of my favourite places to find great bed linens.

4. Silicone and Wooden Kitchen Utensils

After a year of good use these utensils are absolutely DONE. Notice the discolouration and cracks—not a good look, but also not healthy. The Gourmet Warehouse as well as Ming Wo have got you covered.

5. Dish towels

People often forget about their dish towels—they’re always hung off the oven or placed on the counter for everyone to see, and anything too stained or torn has to go. They’re a surprisingly great way to add a bit of personality to your kitchen space, also one of my favourite gifts to give and receive—a good friend of mine always wraps her gifts in a dish towel! I could list off a number of amazing places to get good dish towels, but my faves are Mo’s General Store on Lonsdale, Nineteen Ten Home Boutique on Main Street, and Old Faithful Shop in Gastown.

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