Wallpaper pro Markella Mildenberger shares her top tips for incorporating a little pattern into your space.

Wallpaper is kind of magic, if you think about it. It can separate a space, or anchor it. It can bring a room together, or make an architectural detail stand out.“Wallpaper is like the sweetener to coffee; you don’t need it, but it can make all the difference,” says designer Markella Mildenberger. She’s one to know: as the principle of The Red Palette, a boutique Vancouver wallpaper and textile company, she’s well-versed in the art of using prints and textures to add a special something to a space.Mildenberger will be speaking at the BC Home and Garden Show later this month, but in the meantime, we’ve collected her six favourite ways to incorporate wallpaper into your space.CONTEST: Win tickets to the 2016 BC Home and Garden Show, February 17 – 21 in Vancouver. Markella-Mildenberger

6 Ways to Use Wallpaper

1. Ceilings

“Ceilings are by far one of my favourite areas to paper,” says Mildenberger. Think of them as a fifth wall—it’s another dimension to your space that’s just as important to the look. “They aren’t as forgotten as they once were, but we do little to make them part of the room.”

2. Laundry Rooms and Mud Rooms 

Task-oriented areas are great places to experiment and have a little bit of fun, Mildenberger suggests. “They can easily be transformed from mundane with a bold and exciting print that brightens the room.”

3. Closet Spaces 

This goes for both the interior (think about the back of cabinets and closet shelving) or the exterior (like the door itself). “Whether you have a dream walk-in closet complete with seating and tea waiting, or you have an apartment-sized sliding door closet, papering the back of cabinets and closet shelving can add some interest to an otherwise typical space.”Markella-Mildenberger---Deep-Purple-Dahlias_theredpalette

4. ‘Empty Zones’ 

“Narrow hallways, the transition spaces from one room to another, or those odd spaces where nothing seems to fit,” laughs Mildenberger. “You know the space I’m talking about: The sort-of-corner, where you put the umbrella stand, or where you place the awkward ficus tree.” Take advantage of these unique nooks and crannies, and turn them into a focal point with beautiful wallpaper.

5. Obscure Angles 

Transform those awkward architectural details—think pillars, anchoring posts covered in drywall, or bulkheads—with a pretty pattern. “These areas can take on an entire new life with a little paper,” the designer notes.

6. Hang It Up

Found a wallpaper print you love, but you’re not sure how to use it? Mildenberger suggests turning into a work of art. “Try covering canvas and having it framed and adding it to your space as art,” she says. “Most wallpapers will happily adhere to primed canvas.”