maison d’etre owner Rob Capar invites us inside his own Vancouver condo.

Having led countless renovation projects over the years, maison d€™etre owner Rob Capar finally put the shoe on the other foot and re-designed his own Vancouver condo last year. Capar shares more about the process, his own design decisions and€”of course€”the stunning results. inspired you to renovate your Vancouver condo?€œI purposely bought a well worn unit so that I could renovate. I loved the physical space€”the height gave it a much bigger feel€”but I didn€™t mind ripping everything out. It gave me a clean slate.€Where did the team start and how did the renovation progress?€œWe started my renovation just like anyone else's: by determining the objective. I had a lot of artwork and furniture that I wanted to fit in, so we took measurements and developed a functional floor plan.€What was the biggest change to your condo?€œThe original loft really broke up the space. By getting rid of it and expanding the kitchen there is now ample counter space for at least three people to work. It's perfect for entertaining and has become the focal point of the home.€What other changes have significantly affected the condo's livability?€œAs with any condo, storage space is a premium. We built over-height cabinets in the kitchen€”with storage space for a stool€”so that all of my luggage, camping gear, extra dishes, and guest bedding can be tucked away in the upper cupboards. We also reconfigured the bedroom closet, ultimately gaining square footage. My personal focus was to design lighting that highlighted my art collection and made the space feel bigger, brighter, more open.€What is your favourite result of the renovation?€œWhen we design for other people we want to create a space that works for their lifestyle and makes them happy. The most satisfying outcome is when customers tell us that they love coming home every day€”and that's exactly how I feel. I feel so comfortable in my space.€

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