Any successful project begins with a team that can take a client’s dreams and transform them into reality. The group at Space 9 Interior Design Inc. is that team.

Led by founder and lead designer Sha Wang, Space 9 Interior Design will always embody a reflection of each client's style and tastes, delivered with comprehensive design services that are both friendly and approachable.

€œI always draw my inspiration from my client's vision and develop it tailored to that project,€ Wang says. €œCreating an upscale experience is not only about visual impact, but also, and more importantly, about embracing all of the senses, including instincts or a deep knowing.€

Clean, simple, and powerful lines are the foundation of Wang's designs, and low-key luxury is a combination of functionality and reflecting the client's individuality and vision.

€œFor me, clean lines create less distraction and more visual focus,€ Wang says. €œThis allows people to appreciate the details of their lives. My ultimate goal is to create spaces that are truly simple in form, but extravagant in the heart.€

The design process begins with a common palette of simple materials comprised of wood, natural stone and bronze. These elements are, on their own, subtle in their simplicity. Yet when combined, one can only marvel in how these contrasting tones and textures exhibit comfort and harmony resulting in artisanal craftsmanship.

Space 9 Interior Design specializes in single residential, multi-family and commercial projects. The multidisciplinary team of experienced and talented designers and interior architects collaborates seamlessly with its assembled network of worldwide curated sub trades, suppliers and artists to ensure the highest levels of precision, quality and care. Space 9 Interior Design's most recently completed project, a 67-unit townhouse development called West Oak Sales Center for the development, has gained wide recognition in the design industry.

€œIn just three months, we were able to transform a 2,500 square shell to a beautiful sales center that highlighted the townhouse project,€ says Wang. €œIt received accolades from West Oak's marketing firm naming it €˜The Top of the Top€™.€

Learn more about Space 9's award winning West Oak Townhouse project located in Vancouver's Oakridge area at

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